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Hang Clean

A hang clean is a solid bar exercise which focuses on developing muscle definition and technique. This workout helps you burn fat, gain definition in your shoulders, arms and back and it increases athletic ability as well. On the other hand, the danger of the hang clean exercise lies in the risk it brings on muscles, tendons, the lower back and joints. Learn it well, under experienced guidance from an instructor, and practice with light weights until you master the movements.

To begin a hang clean exercise, start by getting into the hang position. Carry a barbell that isn’t too heavy. Afterwards, carry the bar with an overhand grip with a little more than a shoulder width apart. From here, allow the bar to lie against the middle of your thighs by raising it a bit. Be sure to keep your back straight, your shoulders forward and keep your chest out. Your feet need to be aligned to your hips and keep your toes forward.

The next step is to jump and shrug going up. Jump explosively while extending your hips out after coming from a hang position. When you have extended to the maximum length, perform a shoulder shrug to raise the bar higher. Do not forget to bend your elbows while doing this. Going into a shrug, keep in mind that your calves have to be flexed and slightly step up in your toes to achieve maximum power.